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Welcome to my website. Here I document my love affair with beautiful florals and exquisite weddings. Hope you enjoy my work!

Every story has a beginning

Every story has a beginning

Hi, my name is Amanda.  My friends and family calls me anything from Manda to Madz to Maatjie, some "Private Numbers" call me Mrs Theron but not for long!  (Ok, the husband calls me “Mamma”.  I don’t care what you say, I love it.)

Crowned with Favour is about my walk of faith, everything floral and how it keeps me going every day . So how did this journey begin you ask?  Let me tell you…

A few years ago all of this wasn't even a dream.  I was practising law, creatively and spiritually tapped out, a long way away from the art I have loved so much all my life and the great cities of the world where I once happily drowned in the works of the GREATS.  I was tired and unhappy, I was losing life, losing at life and by extension felt... well, worthless.

Then I met the most wondrous person, my husband.  He looked at me and saw something different, someone I had forgotten, someone I buried under heaps of work, and long hours.  He saw my soul, and through his eyes I started to see her too.  It wasn't a quick process, mind you, no explosion of stars and rainbows.  Just a slow but steady walk back to myself that ultimately took me years.

At first it was just a small idea, a thought really.  We would spend long nights sipping red wine in front of the fire and talk about our dreams, no judgement, nothing out of reach.  I spoke about how I use to love to draw, paint, create, and how much I truly missed and wanted to get back to it but had no clue what to do or where to start.  It was just a dream after all, and that was all it was ever going to be.   

Then he asked me to marry him!  After the initial excitement ebbed, the reality of the task at hand started to dawn on me.  But unlike the horror stories I've heard over the next year from friends, family, and random elderly ladies, I was smitten with the whole process from day one.  My fiancé, who always (sometimes annoyingly) seems to be one step ahead, immediately recognised what was bubbling up inside of me.  He gave me free reign, always ready with a solution or a word of encouragement when I needed it.

Our wedding day was beautiful.  Not only was I marrying my best friend but everything I dreamed of for my big day, came to life right in front of my eyes.  I thought to myself:  This is what a wedding should be like for everyone.  Everyone deserves a day like this.

I continued to follow all the wedding blogs, photographers and florists on social media.  I loved the creative styled shoots gracing my newsfeed and I loved the idea of creating inspiration that could influence how someone would want to see their wedding day.  For some time I wanted to be part of a styled shoot, I loved everything about it and, sensing that it’s something I'll be good at, I thought maybe that was a place for me to start. The husband and I both decided that we would wait for confirmation from the Big Man upstairs before we made any decisions about the future.  Specific, I know, but our God is all about the details. 

The next morning I opened my Facebook and the first thing I saw was “Announcing the 2014 SBB Styled Shoot Contest” - so yes, I took that as a big thumbs up!  I put together a proposal and a team.  I didn't know the first thing about styled shoots or how to get more people involved, so when it came to flowers I decided to do it myself.  I mean, I can arrange my Woolies flowers in a vase, can't I?!  Pffft!  

I made my first ever floral garland, flower crown and bouquets without even knowing what florist tape is or what it can do.  GRACE.  More than that, I made a new friend, one that will stick with me for life - Flowers.  I instantly fell in love with the smell, the textures, the means to create a piece of art using what God had already made perfect.  In an instant I found my passion.  I knew we wouldn't win the competition, but I already won the moment I saw that heading on my newsfeed.  I passed the point of no return long before we made the Top 5.  The amazing people I've met and formed strong friendships with was by far more intoxicating.  Nothing like finding your "tribe".  (Go read more about our styled shoot here).

So began my journey down the greatest rabbit hole ever.  The best part of it all?  I realised that I am many things, but undeniably and most importantly, I am worthy.  And so are you.

I think that is enough for now.  I don’t know the rules about how long a blog post should be, what is socially acceptable or the etiquette of the blogging community.  To be honest, we shouldn't care, right?  We are each the hero of our own life story, so I think we can make our own rules. 

Happy Tuesday hero's.  Be blessed.

(A note of thanks to my super awesome friend, Nicolette Krog, who is now also my super awesome blog editor. Without you, the words on paper will never echo the words in my heart)