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Albertu & Laryssa | Weltrevreden Estate

Albertu & Laryssa | Weltrevreden Estate

Now this is a very special wedding for me so this write up may exceed the socially acceptable limit, but we all break the rules now and then don't we? Let's get personal.

Laryssa is my sister-in-law and one of the most beautiful people (inside and out) you will ever meet.  She loves unconditionally and daily I am amazed by what an incredible human being she is. If you ask anybody that know her what is her best quality, they will be able to tell you (even if they only knew her for a second) it is her faith in our Creator. She inspires and shower her love wherever she goes and I love her. Like a lot. Multiplied by a billion. Okay you get the picture right... She is awesome.

Albertu is her dashing prince (we actually call them "prins en prinses" because his surname is Prins) and now, I am very proud to say, my brother-in-law. Not only is he a genius (seriously, besides my husband he is the smartest guy I know), he has a beautiful big heart. His unfailing trust in our Creator is an inspiration and I cannot but learn from him. Oh yes, and I love him too. He is also awesome.

When they got engaged we all knew that this wedding will be a special one. Months of planning, mock tables and surprises later their wedding day arrived. The 29th of August was a beautiful winter's day at Weltevreden Estate. The skies were open and the sun came out to bless us with its presence. 

We made 3 rose flower crowns for our three little flower angels and a fun boutonnieres for little AJ who was responsible for the rings. The groom and groomsmen boutonnieres were created with symbolism in mind. Gold sprayed wheat, marsala orchids and spanish moss made up the boutonnieres and it suited Albertu's attire , stylishly put together by Moi Styling,  perfectly. The bridal and bridesmaid bouquets were a combination of hydrangeas, pink peonies, burgundy carnations, scabiosa, orchids. roses and asparagus fern.

The chapel was decorated with a simple eucalyptus installation and a few candles. The ceremony was magical. Peet Venter, our pastor at our church, blessed us all with the undeniable truth of God's love and how we must love each other. God was present that day, you could feel it, touch it.

My dear friend Clarita Smit was responsible for the make-up and hair of the gorgeous bride. She looked breathtakingly beautiful and in all the years of knowing Laryssa I have never seen her look as beautiful as on her wedding day. We made a marsala orchid hair piece and it suited her beautifully styled hair perfectly.

The reception area took place within a maze and covered with a white tent roof. We used our raw wooden tables and dressed them with dusty pink velvet runners. Crystal glassware, clear glass base plates framed with beautiful rose gold cutlery and deep purple serviettes served as decor elements on the table. We also decided to use a selection of vintage gold candelabras, porcelain candelabras and crystal candelabras together with variations of marsala and gold candles on the tables. Two gold chairs and a fairy light adorned wall created the perfect backdrop for the beautiful couple to enjoy the festivities of their wedding day.

We used hydrangeas, tulips, carnations, scabiosa, roses and peonies to create lush and romantic table arrangements. All the stationary was designed and printed by the beautiful couple themselves... We think they did a pretty good job!

Christene de Coning captured these amazingly beautiful images. She is such a calm and gentle person and it was an absolute privilege to have such a talented photographer capture our work. 

We also created a seating area and lawn game area during the pre drinks. We used our lawn games, wooden gazebos, palette ottomans and other mixed and matched furniture. This was something different for us and we really enjoyed creating this space.

My most memorable day of their wedding day... When the groom decided to pray for his new wife instead of making a speech. I loved it.  I was blown away by it.

Just in case you don't know this yet.. I loved this wedding.

Albertu and Laryssa, thank you for giving me free reign over the creative side of your wedding day. I know that the Lord will bless you and keep you. May you keep on touching lives one adventure at a time. I love you. Be blessed.

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