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Gerrit & Madre | Laatson

Gerrit & Madre | Laatson

So this post will also be one of those long ones... maybe even leaving you teary eyed. Let me first start with an introduction to the beautiful Mr & Mrs Delport.

Madre, now forever forward known as Mrs Delport, is my best friend. Like in best friend in the WHOLE world. Like in best friend for the past 15 years. Ok so I guess you get it... you know that she is my best friend. Ever. She is one of those rare people, who loves unconditionally, speaks truthfully and whose soul is far more beautiful than her appearance (I know, hard to believe but it is true).

Gerrit, or as I call him "Gertjie, is Mr Delport. The man who stole my bestie's heart. I still remember the first time she told me about him. They were on a date and then out of the blue he kissed her (just like that!). One of "those" kisses. I knew her time of being a "single girl" has come to an end when she told me her knees went jelly and her heart almost exploded.

They got married at the beautiful Laatson Onthale in Porterville. The team at Laatson, lead by Marni and Liam, is truly amazing. I was blown away by the effort they put in to ensure a perfect wedding day. I cannot recommend their venue and service anymore, you guys make weddings easy!

Madre looked absolutely gorgeous! There are actually no words to describe how beautiful her dress was. A lilac underlay adorned with vintage and tea died crocheted appliques. She opted for a gorgeous boho veiled that was fitted around her head with a lace trim. She also had a second look for her hair where we made a peony and orchid hair piece for the gorgeous up style.

Being Madre's maid of honour and doing her flowers and décor was a big challenge. I want to share in all of the happy moments leading up to their special day but I also want to make sure all the elements are perfectly in place. Thanks to my husband, parents, Eileen, Bianca and her dear husband, Leigh, everything was done in time and I also got to share a few special moments with this beautiful bride before saying their I do's.

My dear friend Clarita Smit was once again responsible for making us look like a million dollars. She does not only bring her amazing talent to the party but her calm demeanor and bubbly personality adds to a serene atmosphere whilst getting ready.

Their ceremony was perfect. The rustic shed was the perfect backdrop and we started off with the most amazing praise and worship. My beautiful sister-in-law (you may remember her from the previous wedding being the bride in that one) lead the band and together we took time to honour and praise Him. Peet, our pastor, gave a beautiful sermon and we all left that shed with the certainty of God's love.

The wonderful Carissa and her team from Grand Room Design Winelands made sure the reception hall looked spectacular with naked bulbs, chandeliers, raw wood platforms and their gorgeous Paris pink water glasses. We also used their white benches, ottomans and fruit crates to create a informal seating area for the guests to enjoy. I always feel special and valued when dealing with this company. They always go the extra mile and I can definitely recommend them for all your décor needs. We used beautiful lilac serviettes to complement the pink/purple glassware and added gorgeous cut crystal glassware and kings silver cutlery to elegantly finish the table seating off.


Wilgenhof supplied the beautiful ghost chairs which framed our raw wood tables perfectly. Other proudly Kadou items used where the glass base plates, crystal and glass candelabras, fairy curtains, wooden gazebos, lawn games and other outdoor furniture. I loved creating the photobooth and the sweetest person named Grietjie (seriously thank you) did the beautiful chalkboard writing of 1 Corinthians 13.

Now lets talk flowers flowers flowers... I loved doing the flowers for this wedding. The beautiful lush greenery, the peonies, O'Hara roses, tulips and hydrangeas. I felt like I was in flower heaven. I learn so much with every wedding and this one was no different.  This was probably the hottest day I ever had to transfer and set up flowers in and I prayed for 3 days straight that the flowers will stay beautiful at least until the wedding was officially over. I learned that aircons are really not good for your flowers and oasis and that if you have a wonderful photographer she can make even the most wilted peony look like an award wining flower. Thank you Veronique for being the amazing photographer you are. We decided on doing greenery hanging from the ceiling with an alternate being only hydrangeas and one with tulips. The table flowers were 1m planters filled with greenery and fresh blooms.

The boutonnieres were created with fig berries, greenery (ruscus) , peony buds and bicycle paper clips. I really loved creating these and it suited the groom and groomsmen perfectly. We made a beautiful wild flower and orchid flower crown for the flower girl and gave her a small bouquet of cerise pink peonies. The bridesmaid bouquets consisted out of pink peonies, hydrangeas, blushing brides and the most beautiful purple anthiriums you have ever seen. The bridal bouquet was filled with cerise pink and white peonies, purple and pink hydrangeas, roses, blushing brides, anthiriums and foraged flowers.

Madie and Gertjie, I love you. Thank you for trusting me with all these special and important details of your wedding day. May your marriage be strong, built upon THE ROCK and may everything you do, be done with love. Be blessed.

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